Rabbit Skull Club

Rabbit Skull Club NFTs are a unique collection designed and secured on the Ethereum (ERC-721) Blockchain. As an RSC NFT holder you can also become part of our community and participate in a new and exciting revolution.

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The best way to predict the future is to create it. Join us and make the story bigger.

Chibi Frens


Creativity is a natural process. It can be cultivated, but not forced. That's why we don't want to limit ourselves with a linear roadmap but rather share our broader vision of utility to come.

Fashion First

The RSC have a great fashion sense. With inspiration that she took from the streets of Amsterdam, all outfits were drawn by Chichi as she dreamt of turning them into a well thought out clothing line for RSC Holders.

Help RSC Initiative

It's important to grow together and empower each other in Web3. Our Help RSC initiative will encompass this. Where we as a community help projects made by dedicated teams by buying their NFTs and giving them to RSC Holders through fun events.

A Good Cause

There are wonderful charities that are all about spreading joy and positivity. We are passionate to give back in meaningful ways and are going to make donations based on your input.

Utility Through Unity

Collaborations are an essential part of what makes our community shine. We are open for collabs to support and build meaningful relationships with other teams and communities.

Building Together

We believe the best part about being an NFT holder is that you're able to watch a project grow from close by. An important aspect of this is to build the future together. We want to set up an environment where ideas can be pitched and we can start working on the best ones.

Play For Fun, Play To Earn

Playing games and enjoying our time together has been a key part of building our community since day 1. With AL spots being won through a wide variety of events and games. We are going to take this into the Metaverse as we are going to build fun ways to set up a P2E experience for all Holders.


Rabbit Skull Club experienced team with diverse backgrounds combines award-winning artists, entrepreneurs and gurus of blockchain and decentralized applications.

Are you ready?